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PraxisWiki is a repository of useful and provocative information and ideas for scholars and teachers at the intersections of rhetoric and technology. It invites synopses and discussions of published materials, definitions of important concepts, sketches of major figures and their works, sample syllabi and assignments along with their rationales, teaching narratives and classroom activities, and preliminary discussions of research and projects.

New to PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 18.2

Encouraging Digital Dexterity in Basic Writers, Amy Patterson, Nicole Hancock, & Lynn Reid

Text - Video - Text: Multimodal Remediation with an Eye on Viral Literacy, Dan Wuebben

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 18.1

Suggested Practices for Syllabus Accessibility Statements, Tara Wood and Shannon Madden

Developing Critical Literacy and Critical Thinking through Facebook, David T. Coad

Contributing to the PraxisWiki

Contributors must submit a text of at least 500 words or provide a substantial revision of an existing PraxisWiki page for review. Upon acceptance, contributors will be given open access to editing and adding content in PraxisWiki, and pages will be monitored and adjusted as necessary by the Praxis team. Submissions are welcome on an ongoing basis. Please contact PraxisWiki editor Dundee Lackey at with any questions.

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